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eDurar, a smart online and offline business solution provides an extensive range of marketing and business consultancy services assuring all business establishments of increase in their profitability and achieving their goals

Annual Benefits
Benefits Gold Silver Bronze
1. Trust Seal and Quality Verification Signature
2. Priority Listing / Preferred Listing
3. Detailed Summary Page (Company Microsite)
4. Business Description
5. Business Activity, Products and Services
6. Management and Company Contact Information
7. Product Images, Price List & Menu
8. Catalogues (Product, Brochure)
9. Location Map & Address
10. Branches (Include more than one location)
11. Social Media Links
12. Corporate Videos (Introductory Videos)
13. QR Code
14.Company Logo
15. "Contact Us (Company Name)" Online Form
16. Advertising Banners (330 X 250 Pixels) or (330 X 500 Pixels)
17. Advanced Search Engine
18. Access to the Offers Module
19. Unlimited Job Postings
20. User VIP Service
21. User Credentials with Company Dashboard Upto 5 Credentials 2 Credentials 1 Credential
22. Trade Alerts (Classifieds & Motors)
23. Full Access to Database
24. Access to the Tenders Module
25. eDurar Shopping Assistance Service (Buy Online Solution)
26. eDurar Assisted Booking Solution
27. Credit Points System 4000 Points 2500 Points 0 Points

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