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AED  33,533
Auto Accessories and Parts >> Automotive Tools >> Tool Accessories >>
NUJOOM AL KHAN auto service is the leading Range rover and European car Service Center in Sharjah. Our mechanics have more than 15 years of Experiences. We Repair any kind of Problems for Range rover and European Cars. Also mechanical and Electrical! SPECIALIZED CENTER FOR RANGE ROVER AND EUROPEAN CARS ALSO LUXURY CARS متخصصون في الرنج روفر و الماني Book Your Service Today, Up to 70% Discount on A/C services for All German and European Cars and 40% discount for MINOR services & 30% Discount For MAJOR SERVICES. Welcome to our CENTER and presents the best offer in Engine oil (10,000) km with Filter 449 AED, This offer is limited,
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Usage : Used an above average amount since purchased
Condition : A bit of wear and tear, but in good working condition
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