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Our goal is to present aspiring musicians the convenience of realizing their dreams by offering them the largest variety of instruments, books, accessories and world-class education as they enter our threshold.Music Chamber is recognized by the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music in London as being at par with international standards and achieving one of the highest score of Distinctions on the 2010 ABRSM Exams, among approximately 750,000 examiners.Come learn and master any instrument from Electric and Classical Guitar to Oud, Violin/Cello, Piano and Percussions! We also offer Vocalism/Choir and Music Theory.Music Chamber is a 16-studio Academy housing not less than 500 students from 50 nationalities. Complete with a showroom and a cultural space where anyone can play their favorite instruments and read their preferred books for free! We are located at the ground floor of the Time Square building.
Music & Leisure
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Time square center, Times square center, Lower Ground Floor, Time Square Center, Dubai
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