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WH No 3, Plot No 598/289 DIP-I (Next to Nikai Warehouse), P.O.Box 127876, Dubai - UAE.
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Clothing and Accessories >> Costumes and Uniforms >> Unisex >>
Worklite Professionals Uniforms The UAE’s the most professional and reliable Uniform Manufacturer, Uniform Supplier In Dubai.

The company was established in 1982 as Yousuf Al Hashmi Tailoring. The main objectives were to enter the niche market of making and providing customized corporate and government department clothing/uniforms.

With hundreds of corporate clients the world over, we deliver customized apparel solutions to Governmental, Industrial, Hospitality & Medical institutions. We also specialize in offering utility apparels for High Visibility Jobs, Safety and Security Professionals, and Promotional & Marketing Sales Persons.

We Supply & Manufacture:

* Hospitality Uniforms
* HealthCare Uniforms
* Industrial Wear
* Sports, Winter Wear
* High Visibility Uniforms
* Other Accessories

Check Out Our Products @

Age : Brand New
Usage : Still in original packaging
Condition : Perfect inside and out
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